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Alaska Cruisefest Schedule for the Northeast

If you are planning an Alaska Cruise or Cruise-tour vacation, this is the one event you do not want to miss. These presentations will feature all the information necessary to help you choose the Alaska vacation that is right for you. … Continue reading →

Message From Alaska Travel Industry Association

In the immortal words of James Bond, we are shaken, not stirred. The ATIA team had just reached the office on Friday, November 30th, when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck. We, and residents across Southcentral, are so very fortunate that it was only things, not people that sustained damage. After a weekend of tidying up at home, the team is back in the office. Other … Continue reading →

Alaska Season Is Officially Underway!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and for all of us here at Best Cruises, it means that the Alaska season is officially underway! Our first Alaska Cruisefests are coming up in Melville, NY and Rocky Hill, CT, and our first 14-Day Custom Cruisetour group of 70 excited soon to be sourdoughs will be heading out on June 3rd, escorted by Randi and … Continue reading →

Alaska in the winter? You bet!

As a reconnaissance mission, I braved the elements in February to experience the start of Alaska’s most popular sporting event, the Iditarod. For most of us in the lower 48, it’s little more than a 1000+ mile dogsled race in unforgiving conditions over impassible terrain, but for the thousands of Alaskans who descend upon Anchorage for it’s start, the Iditarod is a symbol of the perseverance and commitment it takes to call such an unforgiving land “home”. … Continue reading →

My Favorite Places in Alaska – Denali National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve is more than six million acres of pristine, untouched wilderness. Its landscape is mix of forest, tundra, rock, and glacier, centered around the mountain formerly known as Mt. McKinley, now referred to simply as Denali. At 20,320 feet, Denali effectively creates its own weather patterns, generating storms, fog, and high-pressure systems, so views of the mountain can be rare. … Continue reading →

Iditarod Sled Dog Race: The Last Great Race on Earth

If there is one event that defines Alaska it is the 1100-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome. It pits men and women and their dog teams against the wilderness, subzero temperatures, blizzard force winds, whiteout conditions, wind-chills of -100 degrees and all the other nasty surprises that Mother Nature can cook up in the dead of the Alaskan winter. … Continue reading →

My Favorite Places in Alaska – Glacier Bay National Park

We already know there’s a lot to see in Alaska – breathtaking landscapes, mountains of immense proportions, wildlife of all kinds – but no Alaska vacation is complete without a visit to Glacier Bay National Park. Occupying a vast area of southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage, Glacier Bay is simultaneously a national park, a designated wilderness, a biosphere reserve, a world heritage site, and much, much more … Continue reading →

My Favorite Places in Alaska – Alaska Native Heritage Center

The Alaska Native Heritage Center offers an opportunity not just to learn about the culture of the indigenous people of Alaska, but also to experience part of their life. This is accomplished through modeled villages representing Alaska’s 11 major cultural groups. Alaska’s indigenous people make up about 17% of the Alaskan population and are rich with history and tradition … Continue reading →

Big Years Ahead for Alaska Cruising!

More and more people are adding Alaska to their bucket list, making it one of the hottest travel destinations in the world.  You’ve heard it from us, and no doubt you’ve seen plenty of breathtaking photos of glaciers, wildlife and icy mountain ranges popping up on your Facebook newsfeed courtesy of friends and family. In fact, in 2017, Alaska welcomed its one millionth cruise ship … Continue reading →

Alaska Celebrates 150 Years!

Breathtaking glaciers, beautiful rugged vistas, amazing wildlife—Alaska is hotter (or shall we say cooler?) than ever with a record-breaking number of people visiting each year. And if you happen to be a history buff, this is an extra special time to visit. That’s because this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Cession, which allowed the United States to purchase Alaska from Russia … Continue reading →