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Go Wild at Denali National Park and Preserve

A trip to Alaska is not complete without a visit to Denali National Park and Preserve. Home to stunning vistas of tundra, forest and glaciers — not to mention Mt. McKinley, the largest peak on the North American continent at 20,000 feet — the park encompasses an astounding six million acres. That’s larger than the state of New Hampshire! Incredibly diverse wildlife is one of … Continue reading →

Why See Alaska Now?

You’re finally thinking about that once-in-a-lifetime dream cruise to Alaska! There’s so much to see and do — stunning national parks, incredibly diverse wildlife, heart-pounding adventure tours. But chances are, Alaska’s glaciers are on the top on your bucket list. Ours too! There’s something so breathtaking about these beautiful majestic ice masses, made up of fallen snow that became compressed over hundreds of years. Gravity … Continue reading →

Alaska: Baked, Grilled & Fried

Every cruise line is looking for ways to diversify its culinary offerings. In the case of Princess, the brand is localizing the menus in several destinations, serving food that has the kind of home-grown feel that more and more passengers are demanding these days. The most visible is the “North to Alaska” program which promises to bring more of the Alaska experience onboard the ship. … Continue reading →


Anchorage got its start in 1915 with a small gathering of wall tents set up near a muddy creek to support the building of the Alaska Railroad. Today, Alaska’s largest city is a diverse and sprawling municipality of more than 300,000 residents. Anchorage was initially mostly a company town that served the railroad; Ship Creek is still headquarters for the Alaska Railroad. Things changed in … Continue reading →

Another Amazing Season

Twenty-eight cruise ships will bring nearly one million visitors to Alaska this year. The ships range in size from the 132-passenger Silver Explorer to the 3,082-passenger Crown Princess. Princess is moving the Diamond Princess and the Sapphire to other destinations, replacing them with the Crown – which is larger in terms of lower berths – and bringing back the Pacific, with 700 lower berths. Seven … Continue reading →

Experience Alaska’s Gold-rush Past

Alaska’s story is a boom-and-bust tale, and one of its most famous chapters is that of the gold-rush era, which began in the late 1800s and lasted through the 1920s. The gold seekers who flocked to Alaska during this time helped establish many of the state’s communities, in some cases virtually overnight. The spirit of adventure, exploration, and risk in pursuit of riches that was … Continue reading →

Mountaineering Milestone in Denali National Park

Since the very first visitors started traveling to Alaska, one landmark has consistently ranked near the top of must-see lists: Mount McKinley. This year marks the centennial of the first successful summit of the massive and technically challenging mountain, and a series of events and commemorations are bringing new focus to one of Alaska’s most beloved landmarks. In 1913, a group of four men, including … Continue reading →

We’re Back From Another Amazing Alaska Adventure!

Well, we’re back from another amazing Alaska adventure! Our hosted custom Cruisetours are always a blast, but it sure helps when the weather, the wildlife, and Mt. McKinley are cooperating. Check out some select pictures from our trip, learn more about next years escorted departures or reserve space at one of our upcoming Alaska Cruisenites. … Continue reading →